Jonah 3 “The ministry of Jonah”

Jonah has finally decided to take up the ministry God has given him. What does Jonah start with? Jonah doesn’t start with a lot of backing or material stuff. Jonah starts sitting in a pile of fish puke, he is fish puke!

You may feel like you have nothing going for you, but it’s time to start your new life. It’s time to get off the sidelines at church and in your community and start living for God, doing the work of God in this world.

Perhaps you have a bad reputation, or we as a church have a bad reputation. We may have been running from God for a long time and lost all our creditability and resources. You may feel to old or broken down or out of date to be used by God for His work in this world. Jonah started his ministry as fish puke and still was successful at it. He showed up in half digested cloths, his skin bleached white by stomach acid, and sea weed hanging off him, but the people listened.

It’s time you say to your spouse, I’m tired of you not showing me affection, not holding me, not treating me like you want to be with me. It’s time to say that your tired of being nagged, and devalued, you complaining has driven me away. It’s time to tell your children or grandchildren that you are hurt by their lack of respect and their acting out. It’s time to tell your parents or grandparents that your hurt by the way they talk about you or never see anything good in you. It’s time to start a new life. It’s time to call your world to repent.

It’s time our country repents. The violent gun death rate is 4.43 per thousand in the us. The death rate in Afghanistan is 3.96 and in Iraq it is 3.54 and both of them are in war zones. 32 were killed in the two mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso 32 were killed and 51 wounded. That is more than any single day total of casualties in ether of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

If this shocks you it’s only one of a whole list of evils in our country.

We need to repent and have a serious come to Jesus time about what is going on in our country.

Will you repent of your disobedience? Will I repent of my disobedience? Will we call our families, our friends and our community to repentance. Nineveh was 40 days from total destruction yet when they repented God saved them. There is still hope for you, for our church, for our country. The time to start a new way of life is now.