Who is my neighbor?  Luke 10:25-37

Just an outline, I was out shoveling snow.

Who is my neighbor?  Luke 10:25-37

Jesus distills the law down to something so simple.  Love God with all you have and all you are and love your neighbor as your self. Then the lawyer asking the questions wants to know who is our neighbor. What are the limits to this love we are to pour out? Jesus’ response is interesting.

Their world and ours are not far removed are they? The priest got as far away as possible from the trouble, The Levite does the same. This is not their responsibility, I don’t know what the situation is, don’t get involved in things that don’t concern you. I would stop and help but I’m busy today. The good excuses are as thick as misquotes on a Minnesota summer day. But this Samaritan is as far from a neighbor as a Jewish person would think of.

Who is your neighbor? The questions goes back to when God ask Cain where his brother able is and Cain responds “Am I my brothers keeper?

Some look at Jesus’ answer and will say anyone who helps me is my neighbor.

The better interpretation is that anyone I see in need is my neighbor.

This parable tells us that our we are our brothers keeper.

Marvel Comics. Who will stand up for the hurting people?

Who needs our help?

How much help do we give?

You can be a hero! You don’t need a mask or a cape, not even a fancy logo, all you need is to stop walking by and get down on your hands and knees and lift the broken among us up.