Matthew 24:42-51 “The Wise Servant”

Imagine a place where it never rained, no one had ever experienced it. All the while Noah was building a boat in the hills where there was no water. They went about their lives playing, partying and working. Then the first raindrops started. In the same way the end of life will come. Two men working in the field or two women grinding grain, one is taken and the other left. The end comes as a surprise. While this is true for the ultimate end of the world it is also true for each and every one of us today.

Some who will die from things like cancer will know it’s coming, most will not. For most people they are going along their busy lives when their hour comes. I think as we look at this parable we do it justice to look not at the end of the world but the end of our individual lives.

The question Jesus brings to us is what will our lives be about on that day? If we all got 30 days notice that Jesus was coming for us everyone would get it together after they got their letter. So we have this parable to tell us somethings.

We are described as servants. We own nothing we are not masters, we are the servant. Everything and everyone around us is a possession that belongs to God the master. You have been given responsibility for these things and these people that belong to God.

What is interesting to me is that the master does not quiz the servant on their theology or review their righteous deeds or even their sinfulness. What the Master is concerned with is if you took care of His possession and your fellow servants. How did you treat the people in your life? How have we used what God has given us?

Jesus’ parable is not about guilt for your past, Jesus died on the cross to pay for the guilt. All debts were paid up as of 9:45 this morning. What Jesus is concerned with is how you will treat your fellow servants starting at 11 am today.

I love mountain climbing. I have been to some very difficult places. At times pushed beyond my limits. I found a secret to getting to the top is to not focus on it. On the map I break the trip down into days or even meals. 4 miles to this spot then eat lunch. Ten miles to this spot to camp. Then after lunch or the next day I start toward my next goal. I feel successful and encouraged because I have met a goal. Step by step goal by goal, you get to a place you never thought you could.

This is how the servant of God approaches life. Focus on the choice you have before you and make one wise choice, in that moment. Will I tell this lie, will I hurt this person, will I open this magazine, or visit this website, Will I place this bet, or drink this drink, one right choice at a time, one step at a time.

The only answer to a bad choice you make is to make your next choice a good one. The past, the guilt and the regrets have no place in our lives, all there is the next choice, your next step. God has promised that if we will focus on our next step He will take care of the rest of the trip. We will not be found unprepared when our day comes. The trip God will take us on will be amazing, the things we will see and the things we will do. One step one choice at a time..