Matthew 2:1-13 “What to Give Him”

Read Psalm 72

We call them kings, they may have been astrologers or magicians, or Wise Men. We don’t know how many, only that it’s wise men not wise man, and there are three gifts mentioned. When they come looking for a new born King of the Jews, everyone is upset, king Herod would not to kill every child in Israel to protect His throne. In fact he shows restraint in that he only kills the children of Bethlehem.

The wise men brought Jesus gifts of God, Frankincense, and myrrh. The shepherds brought wonder, amazement and worship. So what gift will I bring?

For many Jesus is something they take, we even talk about accepting Jesus. Jesus is a garnish on the plate of their life like parsley on your dinner plate. Jesus is not someone you accept, Jesus is someone you surrender to. To take the blessings of God is not hard at all, but to surrender your life to God is nearly impossible.

We no more give God a part of our life, our pride, our wealth, sexuality, leisure time or whatever, and like little thieves we are taking it back. Our sinful hearts are like a yo-yo that goes away from God and then is drawn back to His hand. God does not tire of this game we play with Him, for He forgives and is rejoicing each time we return.

This week the church helped a couple of families with Christmas. One person said the greatest thing is that you thought of me, you cared about me. I think God feels the same way. In Harry Potter the selfish bully, Dudley, counted up his birthday presents then got upset because there weren’t as many as last year. God is not impressed by how much, how many or how big, our gifts to Him are. What matters to God is that we care about Him, thought of Him above all else.

In Rev 4:10 the 24 elders cast their crowns down to the feet of Jesus. They surrender all their glory at the feet of Jesus.

What can I cast to the feet of Jesus. What glory, riches, sinful thought or activity I hold dear to my heart can I surrender to Jesus? Will I lay it at His feet like the Wise Men did? Will you surrender your life, hopes, dreams, goals, desires and lay them at the feet of Jesus?

As your giving and receiving gifts this Christmas, take some time to pray and think about what you could give to Jesus, what you need to give to Jesus.