The Net Matthew 13:47-52

As we finish this section of parables Jesus tells them about the judgement. His fisherman Disciples would have sat on the shore doing this same sorting of good fish from the bad. Jesus has told His disciples to sow without regard, don’t worry about the evil growing in the world, for like the mustard seed it will grow bigger every day. You do this because the Net is coming.

Jesus wanted the disciples to feel an urgency about the task He has called them to. It has been 2000 years since He told this parable, perhaps that’s why reaching the lost with the Gospel does not seem so urgent to us. But it should be. 55 million people will die this year, 151,600 each day, 6,316 in each hour. Each and every one will face the judgement. How many will be saved? How many could have been saved? How many were good soil where seed would grow if only it had been planted?

How many of these were in our field waiting for Gospel seeds so they could grow? Do we go about sowing seed? How many churches in our area are evangelizing people? Or do we sit around waiting for the field to come to us?

Halloween is such an odd holiday. You buy a ton of candy, then sit by the door waiting for kids to come to the door so you can give them some. But secretly your hopping they don’t come, that way you will have that ton of candy for yourself.

Strange at it is, this is the strategy of the church. We gather and study all the words of good claiming we are preparing to share them, waiting for them to come to us, all the while we secretly hope no one will ask.

We are not prepared, they might reject us, only weird people do this, someone else will get it done, and do a better job.

But the job is not getting done. While 55 million die each day 113 million are born, every day. Our churches should be growing, yet most are not. Very few of us will lead someone in the sinner’s prayer, if we even know what that is.

I am convicted, for I have not sensed the urgency to tell people about Jesus. I have not led that sinner’s prayer very often.

We feel urgency, we must stop those people coming from Mexico, we need to stop the Muslims, we need to get to the Black Friday presale. But do I feel the same level of urgency to share the words of Jesus?

There is no time for us to feel guilty about what we have not done, only time to change what we are doing. People are counting on us. 55 million this year, 151,600 thousand today, 6,300 an hour. Sow the seed with reckless abandon, because for each of us the net is cast, and the sorting will come. There is someone in our field waiting for seed, so they can grow and be part of the harvest.